Ludchurch celebrated 30 years of the show in Longstone Community Hall in Ludchurch, making for an enjoyable and successful day.

Taking place on August 5, the show was supported by people from Ludchurch and surrounding areas with excellent exhibits in all sections, showing a variety of entries in all classes.

Thanks are owed to all exhibitors, visitors and in particular all the numerous helpers. Proceeds were donated to the Paul Sartori Foundation. Results are as follows:

• Section ‘A’ Cookery & Preserves

1 Victoria Sandwich 1st Joy Palin 2nd Kay Scourfield 3rd Sue James

2 Lemon Drizzle Cake 1st Wyn Thomas 2nd Jennifer Wainwright 3rd Lin Poore

3 Six Welsh Cakes 1st Mrs Jo Phillips 2nd Mabel Roch 3rd Joy Palin

4 Six Sausage Rolls 1st Jennifer Wainwright 2nd Margaret Oakley

5 Multicoloured layer Cake 1st Anne Fraser

6 Six Cheese Scones 1st Kay Scourfield 2nd Rachel Jarvis 3rd Jo Phillips

7 Anzac Biscuits 1st Pam Evans 2nd Barbara Hillas 3rd Kay Scourfield

8 Bara Brith 1st Mary Lewis 2nd Lynette Evans 3rd Kay Scourfield

9  Jar of Chutney 1st Anne Fraser 2nd Jennifer Wainwright 3rd Barbara Millas

10 Jar of Jam 1st Mrs Elfrida Jones 2nd Barbara Millas

11 Jar of Jelly 1st  Barbara Hillas 2nd Freya Evans 3rd Joy Palin

12 Jar of Lemon Curd 1st Barbara Hillas 2nd Rhydian Evans 3rd Joy Palin

13 Jar of Honey 1st Rachel Williams 2nd Pauline Critchlow

14 Jar of Marmalade 1st M Oakley 2nd Elfrida Jones 3rd Jo Phillips/Joy Palin

15 Four Eggs 1st Freya Evans 2nd Pam Evans 3rd Rachel Jervis/Jessica Evans

Cookery Trophy: Joy Palin

Preserve Trophy Barbara Millas

• Section ‘B’ Craft

16 Item of Crochet 1st Kathleen Phillips 2nd Mabel Roch 3rd Barbara Millas

17 Item of Knitting 1st K Phillips  2nd Win Thomas 3rd Elizabeth Thomas

18 Item of Jewellery 1st & 2nd Pascale Worral 3rd Win Thomas

19 Item of Patchwork 1st Barbara Millas

20 Item of Cross Stitch 1st 2nd & 3rd Pascale Worral

21 Item of Tapestry 1st Elfrida Jones 2nd Kathleen Phillips 3rd Elizabeth Thomas

22 Item of Pottery 1st Joy Palin 2nd Lin Poore 3rd Veronica Davies

23 Handmade Doorstop 1st Pauline Critchlow 2nd Barbara Millas

24 Painting (Acrylic) 1st Sue James 2nd & 3rd Pascale Worral

25 Painting (Watercolour) 1st Sue James 2nd Rachel Jervis 3rd Sue James

26 Photograph(Castles) 1st Rachel Jervis 2nd Joy Palin 3rd David James

27 Photograph(Party time) 1st Pam Evans 2nd K Phillips 3rd David James

Craft Shield: Pascale Worral 

Art Trophy: Sue James

• Section ‘C’ Children’s

28 Play-doh Model 1st Jake Williams 2nd Ollie Williams

29 Animal from fruit or Veg 1st Ollie Williams 2nd Jake Williams

30 Paper Plate Animal Mask 1st Glen Evans 2nd M Williams 3rd P Evans

33 Carys Evans 2nd Freya Evans 3rd C Evans

36 Living Garden 1st Ollie Williams

37 Poster for brochure 1st Maye Griffith

38 Chocolate Chip Cookies 1st Glen Evans 2nd Jessica Evans 3rd Jake Williams

Childrens Trophy Ollie Williams

Runner up Trophy: Jake Williams

• Section ‘D’ Flowers

39 Sunflower 1st Rachel Jervis

40 Dahlias 1st Mrs Jamieson 2nd Rachel Jarvis 3rd Pauline Critchlow

41 Gladioli 1st Eve Cornthwaite 

43 Sweet Peas 1st Mrs Jamieson

44 Mixed Bunch of Flowers 1st Mrs Elfrida Jones 2nd Pauline Critchlow 3rd Phil Jones 

46 Hydrangeas 1st Sue James 2nd Sue James 3rd Phil Jones

47 Succulent 1st Christine Platt 2nd Kim Killick

48 Flowering Pot Plant 1st Elizabeth Thomas 

49 Foliage Pot Plant 1st Elfrida Jones 2nd Rachel Jervis

Trophy for the Flower Section: Rachel Jervis

• Section ‘E’ Floral Art

50 Arrangement in a Teapot 1st Jo Phillips 2nd Kay Scourfield 3rd Elizabeth Thomas 

51 Arrangement (Greenery only) 1st Kay Scourfield 

52 Buttonhole 1st Win Thomas 2nd Kay Scourfield 3rd Kay Scourfield

53 Miniature Arrangement 1st Kay Scourfield 2nd Elizabeth Thomas

Floral Art Trophy: Kay Scourfield

Produce Trophy: Margaret Oakley

Senior Citizens Trophy: Pascale Worral

Rosebowl for maximum points in the show: Pascale Worral.