Decca Classics is thrilled to announce the exclusive signing of Alis Huws, the Official Royal Harpist, who was personally selected by His Majesty King Charles III to perform at his Coronation at Westminster Abbey a year ago.

Alis, who grew up on a farm in the rural and picturesque hills of Montgomeryshire, Wales, now graces palaces with her enchanting harp melodies. She describes going from working in sheep pens in the morning to performing in front of royalty in the evening: "I had a day last year when I was at home in mid-Wales helping with the sheep and lambs from about six in the morning until lunchtime, then I hopped on a train to London and spent the whole evening playing in St James’s Palace."

Growing up, there was a harp in the family home, so it was inevitable that one of the four siblings would learn to play it, although she did not immediately fall in love with the instrument, and it ended up being Alis. Alis’ raw talent eventually led her to the Royal Welsh College of

Music and Drama, and it was there, in 2019, that the then-prince (the college’s President) appointed her as the Official Harpist to the Prince of Wales. Last year, when Charles III became King, Alis’ became the Royal Harpist.

At the Coronation of King Charles, Alis played ‘the gold harp’ (the official royal harp, made by Salvi Harps and embellished with intricate gold leaf decoration featuring the Welsh dragon), alongside the specially formed Coronation Orchestra in a performance of Sir Karl Jenkins' 'Tros y Garreg’ (Crossing the Stone). She recalls the coronation as the "pinnacle" of her five years in the role: "Watching history happen in front of my eyes felt surreal; it was such a privilege and honour". She has also performed for countless heads of state and Prime Ministers worldwide.

Alongside her work performing for the royal family, Alis is passionate about bringing music into communities, giving regular interactive concerts in care homes as well as working with children with additional needs: “My life is full of contrasts but I wouldn’t have it any other way” she says. During lockdown, the harpist performed for shielding families and has worked extensively with community-based charities Live Music Now!, and Music in Hospitals and Care. She is especially interested in how music can affect those living with dementia. One poignant memory for Alis is performing in a care home where a woman cried tears of joy as her husband remembered her name after listening to Alis play. "These are the reasons I do what I do," Alis reflects.

Alis also recalls performing in New York and flying back to London the next morning to perform in a high school for students with special needs where she is a musician in residence: “As an artist, I feel that you have a responsibility to reach people who can't reach you rather than expect them to come and find you in a concert hall. Often, my most rewarding and uplifting experiences come from bringing music into the community and finding the people who can really benefit from hearing live music.”

Now London-based, Alis has recently been selected as one of the 30 under 30-year-old Classic FM rising stars in 2024.

Her debut EP, which is in progress, will be released later this year. Listen to her own arrangement of her favourite Welsh folk song, 'Tra Bo Dau' (As long as two remain), for solo harp, here.