A new fair celebrating the beginning of summer in Tenby took place for the first time in 2024.

On Sunday, April 28, the Salterns Car Park was taken over by Tenby Lions and Tenby Town Council for a fair including craft stalls, food stalls, fun fair rides, and entertainment. Tenby Brewery, situated right at the entrance to the car park, was unfortunately unable to open on the day owing to illness.

Tenby’s Nearly May Fair was established to give everyone a last chance to get together before the season gets underway, have some fun and also to raise some funds for Tenby Lions Community Fund.

Lowri Wyn Smith and Ella Guru provided entertainment. Anne Draper, Tenby Town Council Community Engagement Officer, is keen to express her thanks to them for giving up their time for a community event. “They were excellent and much appreciated,” she said. She would also like to thank everyone who took a chance on a new event and volunteered, had a stall or brought funfair rides.

The fair was the first outing for the new maypoles which Tenby Town Council now have, thanks to a grant from the Outdoor Connections fund. There is a large maypole which 16 people can use at once and two smaller ones for eight people – much easier! They are portable and will fit in a car and can be put up on any flat surface.

Lots of people had a go at dancing around the maypoles during the fair, and it is hoped that some community groups – adults as well as children - will borrow them during the year so they are ready to take part in next year’s Nearly May Fair.

Plans are already underway for next year. It is hoped to hold it each year on the last Sunday in April. Entertainment has already started to be booked for next year, but anyone else who is interested in being part of it, and any potential stall holders are encouraged to get in touch with Tenby Town Council or Tenby Lions.