With fingers crossed for a favourable forecast over the weekend as the first of Tenby’s fundraising Summer Spectacular events is due to take place, Tenby Round Table who host the charity event have given a guide on all you need to know about the popular charity event, that takes place at the seaside town’s picturesque harbour...

The fun starts at 3pm, with entertainment, food, drink and fireworks to finish at 10pm (weather permitting).• • When is it? - Sunday, August 13 and Sunday, August 27, from 3 pm until approximately 10.15 pm.

• Where is it?* - Tenby Harbour

• Why does it happen? - To raise funds to support local charities and good causes. Tenby Round Table have been running the Summer Specs for decades and have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process. All proceeds go to charity.

• Do I need tickets? - No, the event is free to enter, although donations are greatly appreciated. We would advise £2 a person, although feel free to donate more as all money raised goes to local charities and good causes.

• Can I bring alcohol into or through the event? - No, the harbour is a licensed area, like a pub. This license is granted by Pembrokeshire County Council and one of the terms is that no alcohol can be brought into or through the event.

• What’s on at the Summer Spectacular?* - Entertainment and bands from 3 to 10 pm, food, a charity bar and stalls.

• Are there fireworks? - There will be a firework display at 10 pm. Fireworks have been an important part of the Spectaculars for decades as a finale to the events. The fireworks are well advertised in advance and are put on by a professional, fully insured company with the agreement of the council.

• Can't you find an alternative to fireworks? - We’ve been advised that ‘silent’ fireworks aren’t available for this size event, and drone displays are considerably more expensive and complicated. The majority of feedback about the firework displays is positive, but we appreciate it’s not possible to please everyone. We apologise if you are in the minority that find displays disruptive.

• Will the event be cancelled in bad weather? - We try and leave any decision about cancelling the event as late as possible. However by making this decision in a timely way we can minimise the amount of money we lose. A cancelled event can mean significant cost to us and missing the opportunity to raise money for charity.

• Why only two Summer Spectaculars this year? - I thought they were every weekend? - Over the last few years the Specs have been run by Round Table, Tenby Rotary, and Tenby Lions. Unfortunately this year Rotary and Lions have not been able to host their three events. We are committed to hosting our events for the foreseeable future but we unfortunately don’t have the members to host all five events.

• I’ve had a great time, can I get involved in the future? - Yes! Membership of Round Table is open to men between 18-45 years of age. We’re also happy to have volunteers at our events to help them run smoothly. Feel free to speak to us for more information.

Summer Spectacular fireworks
(Pic. Gareth Davies Photography)