A video of one of the stars of the Gogglebocs Cymru series who hails from Pembrokeshire giving tips on Welsh pronunciation is the first ever to reach 1million hits on S4C’s Instagram channel.

The clip of Maisie Awen from Crymych has gone viral on social media, with her explanation of how switching round ‘My Shoe’ to ‘Shwmae’ is the easiest way to pronounce ‘how are you’ in Welsh.

It has been viewed over 1.4 million times on S4C’s Instagram channel, with total views on S4C’s social media platforms over 2 million.

This scene was part of the second series of Gogglebocs Cymru currently being shown on S4C.

You can watch the latest episodes on S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer.

S4C also publishes Gogglebocs Cymru content across its social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, X and YouTube shorts.

Maisie said: “It’s just nuts – I don’t even know what a crowd of 1 million people would look like! People at work think it’s hilarious, because the clip was a story about someone at work.

“It was lovely to see all the positive comments about the Welsh language, and people saying it would be great if everyone could learn a few Welsh words – even those who don’t live in Wales. If it encourages someone to say ‘shwmae’, then great!”

Maisie can be seen on the programme with her mum Molara and brother Finn.

The series features a cast of Welsh speaking characters from Wales and the rest of the UK who love to watch television.

They are filmed at home watching the week’s chosen programmes, these range from S4C’s content to other channels and streaming services, featuring all genres from gripping drama to popular quiz shows.

The series is narrated by comedian and broadcaster Tudur Owen.

Gogglebocs Cymru is produced by two companies in Gwynedd, Cwmni Da in Caernarfon and Chwarel from Cricieth.

It is the first time Studio Lambert and Channel 4 have licensed the Gogglebox franchise to another UK-based broadcaster.