Lower Landsker Trefoil Guild met in February at the Scout and Guide Hall, Tenby, to prepare for the forthcoming Centenary Exhibition, to be held at the hall on March 10, 11 and 12 from 11am to 3pm. The exhibition celebrates the fact that Brownies and Guides have met continuously in Tenby for 100 years, which is quite an achievement. Many past members have already brought memorabilia that they are willing to share for this exhibition and if anyone else has anything of interest please contact any member or ring 844256.

The 3rd Tenby Brownies and the 4th Tenby Guides were both registered in March 1923 and met in the basement of the Belgrave Hotel, although the Brownies first met at Rock House St Julian’s Street. They became so popular that a fund was started in 1925 to buy premises, and in 1929 the Scout and Guide Hall was officially opened.

There cannot be many women in Tenby who were not, at some time, a member of this vibrant organisation. Many readers will recognise the names of past leaders, including Lilian Dowdswell, Angela Mottram, Maisie Benson, Bryn Watson, Kathleen Rees, Iris Mabe, Gertie Dinsdale, Joan Rees,Doreen Hammersley, Margaret Peake, Barbara Pegg, Jan Evans ,Barbara Morris Marlene Boot, Julia Watts, and Kay Dagger. Other units sprang up over the years and at one time there were two Brownie units, two Guide units, a Ranger unit, and then a Rainbow unit all meeting at the hall.

Many will remember the wonderful Gang Shows when the Scouts and Cubs joined the girls under that amazing musical director Pauline Allen. But many will also remember the camps, the walks, the campfires, the badges, and, of course, the fun. Girls of 1923 probably did badges in knitting, in ironing, in semaphore and in making a cup of tea, while girls today can do badges in coding, computing and the environment. It’s not called a Movement for nothing!

Guiding has changed with the times but, at its heart, it has always sought to encourage strong, resourceful girls who can turn their hands to anything, who enjoy working together, and who know how to have fun. Today, they are still there, in the hall having fun with leaders such as Rhian Morgan, Lauren Smith, Eleanor Catt and Sarah Greener, young women who are willing to give of their time and energy and carry the spirit of Guiding into the 21st century.

There is a saying, once a Guide, always a Guide, which may be why the adult branch of Guiding, the Trefoil Guild has over 20 members in Tenby, and this Guild, the Lower Landsker Guild, founded by the late Doreen Hammersley, will celebrate its 10th birthday with an afternoon tea at Morgan’s on March 8 - still having fun, still involved in local Guiding. So, the guild would like to welcome anyone whether you been a Brownie and/or Guide or Ranger in Tenby or not, to go along to share in the wonderful memories on display at the exhibition from March 10 to 12 at the Scout and Guide Hall, or just pop in for a chat over a cup of coffee.