Join an expert local historian next Friday to learn the rich history of a Pembrokeshire church with some of the best-preserved medieval features in Wales.

The oldest parts of the church of St Mary the Virgin in Haverfordwest probably date from the 12th century. Giraldus Cambrensis preached here, while an effigy in the church is thought to depict a 14th-century pilgrim.

Extensive written records of the church survive, including a 1630 order that fines would be levied on any adult who missed divine service. The church organ may be the oldest in Wales which is regularly played, having been installed in 1737.

Music graduate and teacher Patricia Swales Barker is also an enthusiastic local and family historian who has researched and written extensively about the history of St Mary’s Church.

Pat has studied the musical and cultural history of the area as well as the commercial and social history of the shops and shopkeepers of Haverfordwest.

Pat will be sharing her knowledge of the rich history of the St Mary’s Church and its cemetery at the next lecture organised by the Pembrokeshire Historical Society to be held at the Archives Building, Prendergast, Haverfordwest, on Friday, November 3, 2.30pm. All are welcome.