Tavernspite pupils and staff are always keen to be fair and care for people and the planet by learning about Fairtrade and making ethical and sustainable choices. Thanks to the hard work of Class 4 teacher Mrs. Houghton, Tavernspite were last year awarded the renewal of their Fairtrade School status.

Following Mrs. Houghton’s recent retirement, the school are continuing their Fairtrade work, inviting Fairtrade supporter and Fair Trade In Football Campaigner Sharron Hardwick to lead zoom lessons.

Mr. Henton and Class 5 considered the true meaning of Christmas and how they can reflect Jesus’ values by loving their neighbours. They learned how items bearing the Fairtrade Mark guarantee workers receive fair wages, in safe and fair working conditions, with no forced or slave labour, whilst using the best methods for the environment.

The class considered the Christmas story and how they have power in their hands to make choices which support workers, farmers and their families through Fairtrade, and how Fairtrade premiums, an extra amount of money paid on each Fairtrade item purchased, go directly to the workers and their communities to purchase whatever they need; be it healthcare, clean water, education, training, housing and more.

Class 6 learned about the meaning of items which display the Fairtrade Mark, whilst also considering other ethical branding marks such as Cocoa Life and the Fairtrade Cocoa Programme.

Sharron had a display at home of Fairtrade and Fairtrade Cocoa products both classes particularly like a family of three Love Zimbabwe Fairtrade Warthogs designed and made by Zimbabwe Fair Trade artists.

Class 5 made a Fairtrade Christmas Pledge Tree showing their commitments and plans to support Fairtrade, pledging: “I am going to do research about Fairtrade and in my stocking, I am asking for a Fairtrade Orange.” And “Make more Fairtrade choices, learn more about Fairtrade.” With many pupils pledging to: “Buy more Fairtrade.”.

Both classes realised that their choices can really make a difference to people’s lives. In a demonstration of this Sharron asked the pupils to hold their hands in the air and said “What do you have in your hands?” the pupils responded loudly: “POWER!”

Sharron Hardwick commented:

“It was a real delight to see the teachers and pupils of Tavernspite School via Zoom. Their enthusiasm and compassion is always evident. It’s thanks to schools and individuals like them that workers and their families get a fairer deal, it’s great to see the pupils realise they have the power in their hands to make a positive difference by the choices they make. I thank Julie Houghton, Class 5 and 6 teachers and all at the school for their caring attitude and commitment to Fairtrade.”

For Fairtrade information please visit www.fairtrade.org and www.fairtradewales.com or visit www.fairtradeinfootball.com for information on the Fair Trade In Football Campaign.