‘An enthusiastic group with some excellent ideas’ was how members of Ysgol Greenhill School’s Senedd were described this month.

At this month’s meeting of Tenby Town Council, the Mayor, Cllr. Dai Morgan, said that he and fellow members Cllr. Sam Skyrme-Blackhall and Cllr Tom Sloan had attended a couple of meetings of the Tenby Secondary School's Senedd of late.

Although the Mayor had been unable to attend the most recent meeting on the Monday, Cllr. Sloan and Cllr. Skyrme-Blackhall had, with Cllr. Sloan being furnished with a list of suggestions and ideas from the Greenhill students.

“We committed to working more with the schools and young persons of the town and we have had an excellent response from Greenhill’s Senedd,” Cllr. Morgan told his colleagues.

“It’s an interesting list and some of the things are fairly easy to achieve. If the students, and one in particular, have gone to the trouble of doing this then we should listen to them and do all we can to help.”

Members agreed to make the arrangement more formalised where councillors could meet with the Senedd representatives on a regular basis to enable their aspirations to be taken forward.