Proposals to alter a bus route so that it no longer travels through a Pembrokeshire village, have been met with dismay by local community councillors and residents.

Members of Penally Community Council and local residents have written to the Local Authority to state that they are deeply concerned about the proposed changes to the 349 bus route through Penally and a reduction in bus stops.

The transport unit at Pembrokeshire County Council are proposing the changes to enable the bus ‘to run more reliably and to time’.

It is also understood that buses sometimes cannot pass through the village because of narrow roads and parked vehicles and that attempts to resolve the issues have not been successful.

“Penally Community Council are aware that there have been occasions when the bus has encountered difficulties because of inconsiderately parked vehicles, however they have not been made aware of the scale of the problem that has led to this proposal, or had any opportunity to seek possible solutions, for example explore parking enforcement or warning signage,” said Chair of Penally Community Council, Cllr Sarah Snow.

“The proposal suggests reducing the existing three bus stops to just one at Penally train station.

“For people who live at either end of the village, i.e. the Holloway Court, Paddocks and Penally Heights residential areas, this is a long walk of over a mile to the station and back, along the village road that has no footpath.

“The Community Council is currently working with the County Council to address concerns raised by local people about speeding through the village and therefore a single bus stop may increase risk to all pedestrians, especially those who are elderly or infirm or have mobility challenges or those with young children using pushchairs.

“Penally residents need assurance that the number and location of bus stops adequately serves their needs.

“The Community Council would therefore expect the same number of bus stops to be located alongside the bypass to enable passengers to easily access the bus and get on or off it safely,” she added.