A local county councillor has issued a warning about fireworks causing significant distress to farm animals, wildlife and domestic pets, asking for organisers of such displays to ‘go easy on the bass!’

In correspondence to the Observer, Clr. Jon Preston who represents the Penally ward said that he wants to try to raise public awareness regarding the use of fireworks and the negative effects that they can have on communities in the area.

“Organisations such as the RSPCA and the Veterans Agency do not see fireworks as a cause for celebration and are looking to local councils to address the problem,” stated Clr. Preston.

“Environmental pollution can come in many forms including noise.”

Over the weekend, many locals took to social media to voice their grievances over a fireworks display taking place in the Tenby locality area shortly after 10 pm on Saturday, with many stating that it would be ‘courteous’ for the organisers to provide an announcement before hand online of such displays to give people with pets living in the vicinity and elderly residents a warning as such.

“In and around Tenby, firework displays are staged not only on November 5th but also at Summer events at the harbour, New Year’s Eve, weddings and birthday celebrations,” continued Clr. Preston.

“Aerial pyrotechnic sound levels can travel large distances and are in excess of 100 decibels at the point of ignition. In rural areas this can cause significant distress to farm animals, wildlife and domestic pets.

“Those who are elderly, very young or vulnerable may experience acute anxiety, particularly veterans and those who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Thankfully, there is a compromise. Silent and low noise fireworks can provide a more vibrant display accompanied by synchronised music rather than the sounds of a battlefield. Just go easy on the bass,” added Clr. Preston