Hopes the closed The Parsonage Inn situated in the village of St Florence could become the latest ‘community pub’ in the county have been dashed after a lack of funds were raised - with the owner now planning to turn it into two homes.

Earlier this year, The Parsonage Inn closed its doors to the public, and a public meeting – at the behest of St Florence Community Council – was held in early February with hopes it could be run as a community venture.

In the last 20 years it has seen eight tenants, with the closure coming about “due to the prolonged and sustained pressures faced to both the economy though the cost-of-living crisis with less trade, along with increases in utility, food and alcohol bills, as well as increases in business rates, minimum wage increases and further legislation on waste disposal”.

County councillor for the ward Cllr Rhys Jordan said there was a strong desire to see the Inn reopen its doors, but there was a need to temper enthusiasm with realism.

Parsonage Inn Google
The Parsonage Inn, St Florence (Google street view)

However, hopes the Parsonage would become a community pub have come to no avail, as just 3% of the funds needed were raised.

Owner Daniel Scriven is now hoping, in a recently submitted application, to turn the pub into two homes.

An application before Pembrokeshire planners stated that a meeting held highlighted the challenges facing the hospitality industry, and the community reviewed raising funds to take the Parsonage Inn into ‘community ownership’.

“Regrettably we understand following the meeting it has become evident that only 3% fundraising of the asking price has been raised and no offer or approach to the applicant/owner has been made by the community to the owner to put forward a viable proposal, it would therefore appear unviable.

Villagers at the St Florence 'Community Social'
Locals at the St Florence 'Community Social' held in the Village Hall (St Florence Village Hall/Facebook)

“In March 2024 the final tenant along with some members of the community opened a small community social club in the village hall during evenings on a more ad-hoc basis which would appear more reflective in scale and usage to the community it serves, alongside The [nearby] Sun Inn.”

The application will be decided by county planners at a later date.