Car park attendants at Tenby’s multi-storey have been criticised for turning away a Blue Badge holder.

The matter occurred over the busy summer period, despite the driver identifying a free disabled bay at the facility.

In a report to East Williamston Community Council, county councillor for the ward Cllr Jacob Williams said that he’d been copied into email correspondence between Pembrokeshire County Council and a constituent who was turned away from the multi-storey by attendants on the basis that it was too busy.

The resident’s complaint, which Cllr Williams agreed had merit, was that the driver had shown the attendant their disabled blue parking badge, and had indicated their desire to park in one of the disabled bays, which they believed were visibly unoccupied.

The driver was still turned away, and directed to park in other PCC car parks where they could make use of the park and ride facility.

In response to the complaint, the constituent was told that the attendants on duty - ‘had been told to close the car park to any vehicles (regardless of whether new spaces appeared) until such time as they were instructed to re-open when a sufficiently large number of spaces appeared that would prevent any substantial queues and blockages.’

Additionally, PCC’s response stated: ‘It may well be in the future we are able to continue to permit access for Blue Badge holders under such circumstances and provide officers on the ground the discretion to make such a judgement depending on availability.’