I am currently writing a book about the Nanteos Estate, in Aberystwyth, though it is not directly about the mansion itself, but of the workers, the tenant farmers and the actual running of the vast Nanteos Estate.

Concentrating from the mid-1770s, to the 1950s, Margaret Powell, the last Powell at Nanteos died in 1951, which was the end of the Powell era at Nanteos. I am writing about the staff that ran the household, the maids, the cooks, the butlers etc., etc. And the outdoor staff - the gardeners, the stable hands, gamekeepers and land agents, and the farmers that lived on the estate.

Also, I am concentrating on surrounding villages, New Cross - Gors, Moriah, Capel Seion, Rhydyfelin, and South Gate - Penparcau, focusing on the local people and places that were connected to Nanteos.

I am nearing the half-way stage of this publication, and I am on the lookout for family stories or old photographs connected to the Nanteos estate, any information however small (sometimes little snippets can complete a full story). Old wedding or family photographs would be great or old photographs of farmers at work on their own farm etc., anyone who would like contribute however small will be fully acknowledged in the publication.

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Janet Joel,

Pentre Llyn,