There looks to be some very positive news for Tenby as County Councillor Sam Skyrme-Blackhall announced today that she is in discussions that could lead to new banking services for Tenby. 

Talks are ongoing, but a scheme backed by a major player in the market could see a new service open in Tenby that would also provide access to cash and deposit services for businesses and new banking services for the whole community.

With HSBC scheduled to close, some businesses are faced with having to travel to Haverfordwest or Carmarthen to pay money into their accounts. Individuals are also facing real difficulties in accessing banking services. Talking about the issues, Cllr Sam Skyrme-Blackhall said: “This new proposal could make a real difference to individuals and business”

Cllr Skyrme-Blackhall has been in discussions since HSBC announced their plans to close.

“The first step was to approach LINK to see if we could get support to have a Community Banking Hub for Tenby.”

Community Banking Hubs are being set up across the UK in response to bank closures. The major High Street banks have joined forces to establish the Cash Action Group. As part of the work LINK are conducting surveys to identify the needs of local communities.

Initial findings showed that Tenby would not get support for a Community Banking Hub. However, LINK did agree a need for deposit services in Tenby.

“Although disappointed that a community banking hub wasn’t immediately on offer, we did push that Tenby had seasonal pressure points. We also emphasised the needs for services for our businesses and I am delighted that this was recognised.

“LINK have also said that they would include Tenby and the surrounding areas in a pilot study to look at an area-based approach to banking services” added Cllr Sam Skyrme-Blackhall. “Tenby and the surrounding areas will be one of only three areas in the country being focused on in this initial work.”

Not accepting the initial disappointment of not having a community banking hub, Cllr Skyrme-Blackhall has continued discussions with interested parties and others that might be able to help Tenby. As a result of those discussions, proposals have come forward that would see a new banking offer for Tenby that would include opportunities for businesses to deposit and access cash and would also provide a new banking service for residents.

Following a recent meeting, Cllr Skyrme-Blackhall said: “I am delighted that a major player in the industry is working with us to find a solution that meets the needs of Tenby. There is more work to be done but I am really encouraged by progress. There will be further announcements in due course but this could be a major coup for Tenby.”

A small working group including representatives of Tenby Town Council, Tenby Post Office, local businesses and local residents is going to continue to meet to take forward proposals.

Cllr Skyrme-Blackhall stressed: “in addition to the new proposal, we will continue to work with our fabulous Post Office to help promote the excellent services that they offer to both the community and to businesses.”