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Friday 7th May 2021 10:03 am
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Among matters considered and discussed at the April meeting of Amroth Community Council, again held online via Zoom, were the following:



• A meeting was to be held with PCNPA ranger Chris Taylor to discuss the planting of wild flowers on identified sites in the wards.

• ACC Newsletter – This will be sent out monthly by email and by post to those without email.

• Broadband infrastructure update – Amroth and Stepaside will hopefully be in the next project zone with an increase in expressions of interest following the house to house leaflet drop.

• Electoral wards. A review of ward areas is unlikely to take place before the elections in 2022. ACC will meet with PCC to discuss this further as, with two wards, an opposed election will place a significant financial burden on ACC.

• Clr. Davies has acquired litter picking equipment for use in the community. Anyone who would like to volunteer to pick litter can collect equipment from Clr. Davies (contact the clerk in the first instance). Councilors will look at organising litter picking events once Covid restrictions ease. The ‘Two-Minute Beach Clean’ sign has been damaged at the New Inn end of the village. ACC can adopt another one at a cost of £120/year. Agreed; Clerk will ascertain if a board can be adopted for the six-month summer season only, to reduce costs.

• Notice board maintenance. The Perspex is on order for the board in Llanteg as agreed at a previous meeting. The notice board at Wisemans Bridge will be improved next.


Councillor’s Report

HRH the Duke of Edinburgh: Flags were flown at half-mast at County Hall, Haverfordwest Castle and Fishguard Town Hall following the announcement of the death of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. Clr. Dr. Simon Hancock, chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council, issued a statement saying: “On behalf of Pembrokeshire County Council, I would wish to express our deep sorrow and pass on our condolences to Her Majesty and the wider Royal Family.” I am sure we all would wish to be associated with the sentiments expressed by Clr. Hancock.

The death of the Duke of Edinburgh is a sad reminder that many families have suffered the loss of loved ones over the past year and have been unable to be with them at their passing because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The loss of a long-standing partner/companion and of a close family member leaves a great void. The problem of rural loneliness is substantial and has been exacerbated by the pandemic.

PCC - New Chief Executive: On March 31, a full council meeting voted to appoint, with strong cross-party support and with strong independent member support, Mr. William Bramble as the council’s new chief executive. Mr. Bramble is currently a Major General in the British Army and will join PCC as soon as he is released from his military duties. PCC undertook a widespread external search for a new chief executive and a large number of candidates were interviewed by the senior staff committee. This committee is comprised of members drawn on a balanced basis from the full council. Mr. Bramble was seen as the outstanding candidate.

Mr. Richard Brown will continue as interim chief executive until Mr. Bramble takes up his new post. There has been widespread praise and appreciation for Richard Brown, who stepped forward at a difficult time to lead PCC’s staff and who headed PCC’s response to the pandemic through Gold Command.

Unlocking and Staying Safe: The success of the vaccination programme, as well as the impact of the lockdown on virus transmission, is enabling a progressive easing of Covid restrictions with outdoor hospitality being permitted in Wales from April 26. With one in five jobs in Pembrokeshire being in the tourism and hospitality sectors, this was good news, but there is an obvious need for both residents and tourists to continue to observe the social distancing and mask wearing guidance. PCC’s Covid Enforcement Team has been undertaking pro-active checks and reactive visits following complaints. They have been carrying out checks on takeaway businesses to ensure queuing is managed appropriately, checking systems in retail premises and providing a visible presence in e.g. Tenby and Saundersfoot.

Councillors expressed concern that, while businesses have implemented one-way systems to maintain social distancing, once customers leave the premises, they congregate on the promenade in Amroth, and social distancing is not being maintained. This could contribute to a third wave of Covid infection. Councillors would welcome a visible presence by enforcement officers in Amroth too.


Woodland Heights, 1 Clos yr Ysgol, Stepaside - First floor extension and conversion of existing garage to provide an annex. ACC had no objection to this application.

Bwthyn Y Gwanwyn (2 Chapel Lane), Llanteg Chapel to junction C3045 Llanteg - Alterations and extension to garage. ACC had no objection to this application.

Town and Country Planning Act 1990(as Amended)

Alleged unauthorised ground works at Meadow House Holiday Park, Stepaside, following concern by Summerhill residents

To establish whether a breach of planning control has occurred, a case has been set up and allocated to the planning enforcement officer from PCNPA to investigate.

39 Llanteg Park, Llanteg - First floor extension and internal alterations. This application has been approved.

Kilgetty Farm, Kilgetty Lane, Stepaside - Installation of a 20m high lattice tower equipped with four antenna and two 0.6m dishes along with assocated equiptment and means of enclosure. This application has been approved.

Roslyn Hill, Stepaside - Convert stone barn, currently being used for storage into a one bedroomed holiday let. This application has been approved.

Greenplains, Stepaside - Erection of building for welfare purposes. Councillors had no objection to this application and a response has been submitted.


• Llanteg Gardening Group have requested support to plant more trees in Llanteg in line with the National Trust drive to encourage the planting of memorable or statement trees in communities. It was agreed that ACC support this proposal.

Clr. Harries suggested the purchase of a Burgundy Flowering Cherry (cost £210) as a tribute to the work carried out by the NHS during the pandemic. Clr. Phillips proposed this expenditure and Clr. Davies seconded this and all councillors agreed. It was also agreed to place a plaque by a tree in Summerhill as a tribute of the work of the NHS.

• Crime and personal safety survey launched: The Pembrokeshire Community Safety Partnership (Safer Pembrokeshire CSP) is undertaking a survey to seek the views of the public on perceptions of crime and personal safety in general and in particular anti-social behaviour, community cohesion and hate crime in Pembrokeshire communities.

• Views sought for new Welsh Language Strategy: Pembrokeshire County Council is seeking feedback from across the county to help shape its next Welsh Language Strategy. To share your views, go to

• A letter of thanks from Llanteg Gardening Group for the new benches and the improvements to the entrances at the Old School Garden, Claypits and Mountain Chapel.

• PCC waste team have set out the additional waste bins for the summer season early to try to help with rubbish issues as lockdown eases.

• Pembrokeshire County Council and other local authorities in the region have been working with Welsh Government and other partners around options for improving rail services to West Wales and the South West Wales region and have launched a consultation which can be accessed here. The consultation will close on June 8.

• NRW have published a consultation on updating the river basin management plans (2021 to 2027) for the Dee and Western Wales river basin districts. The consultation closes on June 22. The consultation documents and responses can be submitted on Western Wales river basin management plan 2021-2027 consultation

• The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Trust is launching a new mini grant ‘Force for Nature’ to support community groups including schools, village committees and community councils to run projects that support biodiversity, deliver on conservation or climate change. Applications and guidelines are available to download from the PCNPA website. Deadline for all applications is May 16.

Clr. Mills will be looking at this to support the purchase and planting of wild flowers in the community to encourage pollinators.

Other matters

Educational Charity of David Rees: Clr. Harvey had drafted and circulated a presentation outlining the trustees plans for the charity going forward. A discussion took place.

Clr. Phillips proposed a donation of £500 for this financial year and £250 per year going forwarded, to be reviewed every September. Seconded by Clr. Harries. Seven councillors agreed (the cour councillor trustees present thought it correct to abstain from the vote).

NHS, Social Care and Frontline workers Day proposed for July 5: Earlier in the meeting, Cllr Harries suggested planting a tree as a more permanent reminder and tribute to the work carried out by the NHS during the Covid pandemic. This was agreed by all councillors.

It was also suggested that a Just Giving page be set up as maybe residents would like to contribute. The tribute will depend on the amount of money raised and ideas suggested. Residents will be consulted before a final decision is made.

Annual donation to Tenby and Saundersfoot First Responders to help maintain the defibrillators in the area: A proposal has been made to donate £200 to Tenby and Saundersfoot First Responders annually towards the maintenance of the defibrillators in the ward areas. Proposed by Clr. Stephen Phillips, seconded by Clr. Harries and agreed by all councillors

Memorial seats: There is limited space left on the promenade in Amroth. Memorial seats may be available elsewhere in the ward. A seat can be reserved for the lifetime of the seat. Should it become damaged or unusable, ACC reserve the right to remove it.

Update on the recruitment of a youth representative: ACC had received no applications to date. It was agreed to revisit this in September at the start of the school year to see if there is any interest then.

Proposal for sponsoring an independent report into the effect a rise in sea level will have on parking in Wisemans Bridge: Proposed by Clr. Alec Cormack. Clr. Harries stated that a similar report had already been published and was available through PCC. Clr. Cormack was to investigate and report back to the May meeting.

Amroth and District Community Association: Clr. Tippett Maudsley asked about accessible play equipment for the play area. Clr. Harvey reported that unfortunately the area is too small and not suitable for equipment of this type. More land would need to be acquired.

Llanteg Village Hall Committee: The hall is ready to open as soon as restrictions allow.

Projects/ Updates

Amroth free wifi: Clr. Cormack has met with the installation company and an aerial will be installed and measures taken to ascertain how many repeater antennae will be required. A full report will be presented at the May meeting.

Summerhill play area: The equipment has been ordered and will take two months to arrive. The play area will be closed for approximately a week for installation and more traffic will be noticeable in the area during this time. Notices will be posted on Facebook and in the Newsletter before installation commences.

Exercise Jantzen: The information board should be installed by Summer.



• A resident has notified Clr. Cormack that the trees, next to the carved tree in Stepaside, are possibly diseased. The clerk will contact the National Park to survey the trees and take any action needed.

• Speeding remains a problem through Amroth and local villages. Councillors who met with Clare Williams from the Pembrokeshire Road Safety Partnership in December reported that work to measure speed is due to take place soon. It was agreed that the clerk contact Clare Williams for an update.

• Amroth businesses have reported that domestic rubbish bags are being dumped in the litter bins on the front, filling them immediately. This is classed as fly-tipping and subject to a fine. Second home owners should possess a Waste Transfer Agreement, for the disposal of commercial waste. County Clr. Tony Baron was to encourage PCC to write to all second homeowners and remind them of their legal duty, or action will be taken by enforcement.

• Some of the drains on the front had been cleared, but some were still blocked. Clr. Baron would investigate when they would be cleared.

• One of the Clean Seas (Bertie) signs is now illegible after only three years. Clr. Davies has contacted the supplier regarding a replacement.

• No response has been received from PCC regarding power washing the bus shelter in Summerhill. Clr. A Evans has volunteered to paint it once it has been washed. The clerk was to contact PCC again.

• The grit bin had still not been delivered to Clos Yr Ysgol despite payment in February. The clerk was to email PCC about this.

• There are several public footpaths in the wards which do not appear on the definitive map. 2026 is the last opportunity to register forgotten paths. Clr. Harvey offered to co-ordinate the information, and this will be reported to the Public Rights of Way officer in PCC.

• The availability of lateral flow tests was raised. They can be collected from the Archives in Prendergast, Haverforwest, when they are open, or ordered for home delivery. Please see the attached link -

• Date of the next meeting of the council is Thursday, May 20, at 7 pm. This will be preceded by the annual meeting at 6.45 pm.

This will be via Zoom unless informed otherwise. Anyone wishing to observe online, please send your email address to [email protected]

If you would like to be kept informed as to information regarding matters affecting the parish, road closures, public consultations, sea defences etc., email the clerk and you will be put on their secure mailing list (GDPR compliant).


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