It’s snowing! A thin layer of white adorns the streets and roofs in Pembroke Dock. Now, thick flakes of snow are dancing and swirling in the air. Is it the same where you are?

The met office did warn us, of course. Yellow warnings of ice and snow were issued for yesterday morning and today, and mention was made of temperatures in Northern Ireland plummeting to minus-seven.

All the same, plenty of weather warnings come and go with no sign of snow in South Pembrokeshire, so it is always an unexpected treat - or hazard - depending on your point of view.

You might imagine that it’s uncommon for snow to fall in March - but experience shows that, in the words of Tom Jones, it's not unusual; the sight of daffodils in the snow.

The photograph album included here is a blast from the past - five years ago at the beginning of March 2018. It was a surreal accompaniment to the creation of that year’s Summer Holiday Guide!

Later in that same month, a trip to Aberystwyth brought more white magic, with the grounds of Llanerchaeron being transformed into a winter wonderland.