RNLI lifeguards are on patrol in Pembrokeshire, patrolling Tenby South Beach for the Easter weekend, March 29-31 and Whitesands Beach, 10am-6pm every day over the Easter Holidays (until April 7)

Since 2001, lifeguards in West Wales have attended 8,865 incidents and saved 115 lives.

Beachgoers should swim between the red and yellow flags. Lifeguards position the flags in the safest area of the beach and patrol this area at all times. Surfers should stay between the black and white flags. Anyone planning a dip is advised to wear a wetsuit and carry a floatation device.

Lifeguard Supervisor Noah Harvatt said: “Our team has recently gone through intensive training. Should people plan on going in the sea during the holidays, we encourage them to visit Whitesands Beach or Tenby South on Easter weekend.

“If you go in the sea at a non-patrolled beach, make sure you someone knows where you are at all times and that you have a means for calling for help.

“If you find yourself or see anyone else in difficulty, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. If you fall in the water unexpectedly, try to relax and float to live.”

For more beach safety information visit: How we keep beaches safe (rnli.org)