Staff and pupils of Ysgol Greenhill have been praised for showing a ‘calm and measured’ response following an incident at Tenby’s secondary school on Tuesday morning (June 12) which saw the police called and the facility placed into lockdown.

In a post on social media, the school’s headteacher David Haynes updated parents and guardians on the situation which required the school to be placed into temporary lockdown as per rehearsed procedures

“Firstly I wish to reassure you at the outset that all pupils and staff are safe and well and that the situation was resolved swiftly,” stated Mr Haynes.

“At approximately 10.45am staff became aware of an unauthorised person on the school grounds. When approached by a member of staff, the person made comments which suggested they may try to access the school building.”

Mr Haynes stated that the matter was reported to a senior member of staff and the lockdown procedure was implemented, with Dyfed-Powys Police then contacted.

“As per the lockdown procedures, the building was checked by designated members of staff to ensure it was safe and no unauthorised persons were found,” he continued.

“A short time later it was determined that the person had left the school grounds and normal school business has been resumed.

“I am pleased that the lockdown procedures that we rehearse regularly were implemented swiftly and thank staff and pupils for their calm and measured response,” he added.

A spokesperson for Dyfed-Powys Police told the Observer: “Concern was raised with police about the presence of a person on the school premises on Tuesday morning, June 11.

“The person had left before police attendance. Following further enquiries made it was established that their presence was not suspicious and no further police action was required.”