It proved to be a busy Bank Holiday for the crew of Angle RNLI lifeboats, with three shouts over the weekend.

The all-weather lifeboat was requested to launch at 10.34am on Sunday morning following a 999 call from a dive vessel with an injured diver onboard.

The casualty had fallen whilst entering the water and landed on the side of the boat, causing suspected broken ribs.  The lifeboat launched and made best speed to the vessel at the popular diving spot near the Dakotian buoy in Dale.

The Milford Haven Harbour Patrol vessel and another dive boat were also responding. Further information reported that the diver had since been recovered by another dive vessel.

Once on scene, two casualty care trained crew members were transferred onto the dive vessel to assist with assessing and treating the casualty.

Following an assessment, the casualty was put on oxygen and given blankets to warm up. Once stable, the casualty was transferred onto the lifeboat and conveyed to the Port Authority jetty where Dale Coastguard Rescue Team and a paramedic had been tasked to rendezvous with the lifeboat.

Once secure alongside the jetty, the paramedic boarded the lifeboat to continue assessing the casualty.

Once content the casualty was comfortable enough to be moved he was walked off the lifeboat and handed over into the care of the paramedic to be conveyed to hospital. As the lifeboat was returnin to the station, the crew overheard a Mayday call from a vessel and shortly after, whilst still gathering details, the coastguard requested the lifeboats assistance once again.

Proceeding at best speed to the area believed to have been mentioned in the initial call, it was soon confirmed as near the outer pontoon at Dale.

Shortly after, a local dive vessel confirmed that they were alongside the vessel and would put a line on to prevent the yacht drifting into danger until the arrival of the lifeboat.

Once on scene, it was ascertained that the yacht had left the outer pontoon and soon after their engine overheat alarm had sounded.

After attempting to anchor, their electric windlass failed prompting them to contact the coastguard. After swiftly passing a tow, the yacht was taken to Milford Marina where she was safely alongside the lock pits pontoon around an hour later. 

Angle RNLI rescue.
The yacht was taken to Milford Marina (Angle RNLI/Facebook)

With this, the lifeboat and her crew were stood down to return to station where she was readied for further service by 1:30pm.

On Bank Holiday Mmorning, at 12:24am the crew were tasked following a direct page from the Coastguard to assist a person in the water at Haverfordwest.

Dale and Broad Haven Coastguard Rescue Teams were also tasked to assist. However as the crew were mustering, the launch was subsequently cancelled as the person was recovered successfully from the water.