IF your son or daughter is getting married in the near future, it’s almost inevitable that your mind has already turned to what you plan to wear for the big day.

One of the biggest choices the mother of the bride or groom will be faced with is “what color should you wear on the wedding day?”

Traditionally, the mother of the bride refrains from wearing white, ivory, or champagne color to avoid clashes with the bridal gown but there are plenty of other fantastic colors that mothers can choose from.

One of the fail-safe ways you can ensure that you get the right shade for your dress is by matching it with the bridal party colour or chosing a colour which complements the colour scheme of the happy couple.

Bridal party in corals, pinks, and reds - the bridal party with such a color theme is playful and light so to bring balance, the mother of the bride or groom can go for deeper and earthier color, in the same family such as mauve, burgundy, wine or maybe consider complementary colour like gold, silver, and charcoal.

Bridal party in purples - purple is the color of luxury and richness so the mother of the bride  or groom should coordinate her dress in colors that add to the luxury of the event. Colors like plum, lavender, silver, navy and gold are the perfect pick.

Bridal party in blues and greens - this is a universally flattering color combination for bridal parties and choosing a mother of the bride or groom dress to complement gives plenty of options from emerald, dark green and aqua to taupe, navy, gold, and silver.

Bridal party in oranges and yellows - when the bridal party is giving all the autumn feels with burnt yellows and orange, the mother of the bride should go for something metallic or mid-tone browns, and neutrals. Choose colors such as pewter, gold, silver, navy, black, and taupe.

Bridal party in neutrals - when bridal parties happen with a neutral color theme, anything goes for the mother of the bride’s dress. You can choose from any color you feel like. The whole world of color is your oasis.

Now that you have this guide detailing different colors for the mother of the bride dress based on the bridal party theme, you can start shopping and there’s nowhere better to go for expert help and advice than Bonkers Boutique in Haverfordwest where staff will be on hand to make sure you look amazing on that very special day.