Last week’s results in the Narberth and Distric Pool league were as follows:

A League - Jeff A 3 Sssc 7; Rfc A 7 Kssc B 3; Raob A 8 Rfc B 2; Kssc A 7 Jeff B 3; St House 4 Raob B 6; Alpha A (Bye).

B League - Eagle 2 Temple Bar 8; Ivy Bush B 2 Wisemans 8; Alpha B 5 Ivy Bush A 5 (W); Raob C 6 Begelly Arms 4; Bush Rob 3 Raob D 7.

In the A League the St House lost their first match of the season, although they picked up enough frames to guarantee remaining A League champions, while in the B League Temple Bar have already become outright winners. Well done to both.

It's still close for the runners up spots in both leagues, with two matches left in the A League. For the run in, it's between the Raob B and Kssc A teams who will meet each other on the last game of the season.

In the B League the Wisemans and the Ivy Bush A teams are also close for the title, with the Ivy having a game in hand.