Look inside the “incredibly rare” fortress for sale that was used as a secret base in the D-Day landings.

Fort Hubberstone, in Milford Haven, was completed in 1862 and sits on the side of the Mildford Haven Waterway. 

fort hubberstone
The fortress was used as a base for American troops during D-Day. (West Wales Property)

The property was used as a secret base for American troops for Operation Bolero in the D-Day landings. 

The fort is made up of two main buildings, the top one having once been the accommodation block. 

fort hubberstone
Inside the fortress. (West Wales Property)

This building would have housed 250 men, and was made up of guard rooms, wash rooms, a pub, kitchen and a coal store. 

The bottom building was more militia focused, with seven gun rooms, magazine (ammunition) rooms, and further currently inaccessible rooms, including a submarine spotting station and a sunken corridor. 

fort hubberstone
Former rooms in the fort would have included guard rooms and gun rooms - plus a pub. (West Wales Property)

There are historic touches everywhere throughout the fort, with gun tracks, fireplaces and arched windows. 

The property spans approximately 2.95 acres, with a section of private shoreline and uninterrupted views. 

fort hubberstone
There are undiscovered sections of the fort, including a submerged corridor and a submarine spotting station. (West Wales Properties )

The fortress is being sold by West Wales Property for a guide price of £190,000. 

The agent described the property as “an incredibly rare opportunity to purchase a post Napoleonic fortress located on the side of the Milford Haven Waterway.

“The fort is steeped in history which is evident everywhere, you can see the gun tracks, the fireplaces, the wooden framework in the arched windows, and even the decoration on the washroom walls: this fascinating building has so much to explore!”