Improvements to make Saundersfoot village a safer place to walk around, eradicating parking on pavements, and slowing speeding drivers down, are all matters that have been discussed by the seaside village’s county councillors in recent times.

In his report to Saundersfoot Community Council recently, county councillor for the south ward Cllr Chris Williams said that he and north ward county councillor Alec Cormack have both been working on matters to introduce ‘active travel’ links around the village, as well as seeking grant funding for digital speed warning signs.

“An announcement is imminent for works in the village and there are plans to improve the active travel link around Saundersfoot, and these changes will make our village a safer place to walk around,” said Cllr Williams.

“I have had two meeting exploring the active travel links around the village.

“We accept that improvements can be made with pavements so that access is available across the whole village. We are looking at future grants that will improve certain areas.

“This will be ongoing and, hopefully, soon, we will have some positive news.”

“I have discussed many times about the lack of disability parking on the flat on Milford Street.

“I’m delighted to announce that Alec and I have been discussing various parts of Saundersfoot where we think improvements can be made to help the local residents. This will not only benefit the residents but many who come from outside the village.”

Cllr Williams said that additional disabled parking bays are being proposed for Milford Street.

“On the subject of Milford Street, I have received numerous messages regarding parking on the pavements.

“Unfortunately, this has been going on for months and I think this street needs a loading bay to support businesses such as the butchers, which has many deliveries throughout the day,” he continued.

“There are many others who get more than one delivery a day. I have discussed with another County Councillor the option of bollards. This is definitely something that can be installed, especially on the corner heading into Milford Street.

“Photos sent into Pembrokeshire County Council show the problem which backs up traffic through the village at times. This is ongoing and I will endeavour to keep you updated on developments.”

Cllr Williams said further developments on The Strand to amend the current seasonal waiting restriction to ‘all year round’ restrictions, will help remove vehicle congestion.

He said that Saundersfoot was recently successful in obtaining a grant application for speed awareness cameras that are a priority on the main roads in and out of the village.

“Alec and I have worked very closely on moving this on and two weeks ago we met the PCC officers, on site, to discuss options available for Saundersfoot,” remarked Cllr Williams.

“Also present were members of Saundersfoot Community Council who are fully supportive of this initiative.

“PCC officers will create a draft plan with potential locations that are based on the locations indicated and previously discussed. These will then be cross-referenced against the existing traffic flow/speed data.

“The speed data will be examined to determine on which approach the unit should face. Highway checks will be undertaken on site to ensure the proposed locations are on highway land, suitable for solar panel and can be accommodated on site.

“Once collated, a plan will be circulated. During the meeting we discussed the main sites and the impact the speed is having on local residents.”