Recently, volunteers from South Hook LNG joined Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company staff in pulling Himalayan Balsam and making local charcoal. The volunteers were helping as part of their community day, where staff give their time to support local projects, helping their team-building at the same time! The event took place on the National Trust's Stackpole Estate at King's Mill Wood, an area which is being managed by Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company as part of their woodland and willow project. This project is supported by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park's Sustainable Development Fund. "Himalayan Balsam is a problem invasive species and a fairly high threat to biodiversity, especially that of native plants. It was great to have South Hook LNG volunteers help us control this invasive species and make local charcoal with so much enthusiasm," said Jennifer Care, Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company project manager. She added: "The majority of the charcoal sold in the UK is imported, often from areas where consideration is not given to the regeneration of the woodland. We have recently been awarded the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark for our charcoal and we take pride in managing our woodlands in a sustainable and wildlife friendly way." Mariam Dalziel, PR manager at South Hook LNG, added: "This Community Day was a great opportunity to help our local community, try something new and to improve our local environment. Our staff helped out with projects across the county and all our volunteers had a rewarding and enjoyable day." Local Pembrokeshire charcoal produced by Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company volunteers, from hand cut wood from the Stackpole Estate is currently available to buy at Foundry House Community Centre, shops at the National Trust Stackpole Estate and at Stackpole Walled Gardens. Try it out and cook your food guilt-free! If you or your group are interested in finding out more or getting involved with the woodland and willow project, or would like to stock this charcoal please contact the project manager on [email protected]">[email protected], pop into Foundry House Community Centre, Pembroke, or call 01646 680090.