Very quiet at the moment? Any news regarding our cinema? No? Deafening silence! Is anybody working their socks off to replace the crumbling edifice in White Lion Street with maybe a small cinema for the many days our tourists have to amuse themselves in the rain.

The prospective visitors to the Premier Inn and the new flats will surely welcome all-weather entertainment in summer and winter. A cinema for grey days, part and parcel of the appeal of a British seaside resort surely?

From Abersoch to Aberystwyth, Weymouth to Western-super-Mare, cinemas have tourist appeal. Tenby needs a new venue - will we have one?

Oh yes and for the locals, we would also like somewhere nice to go with comfy seats, popcorn, coffee on tap. A building with street appeal to draw us in and we'll be there, proven by the uptake at the hotel film showings and St. Mary's film nights!

So what news? Where's our cinema and who is charge of this project? Could they step forward and in their spare time perhaps lean on the ugly crumbling facade of the old place and help it down. We will all be eternally grateful.

Christine K.,