‘What is happening to Tenby?’

Friday 16th January 2015 12:00 am

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Tenby looks set to have the largest single price value retailer in the UK open its doors in the town.

Poundland is recruiting for staff for a new store in White Lion Street.

When contacted by the Observer, a spokeswoman for Poundland said: "Unfortunately, we do not comment on potential store openings."

It is understood, however, that the shop will be part of the new development on the site of the fire-damaged Royal Gatehouse Hotel and will occupy a position in the building fronted by the listed facade of the former Royal Playhouse Cinema.

It seems that the news has not been totally welcomed in the town, though.

Whilst appreciating the need for shops to be occupied and not left empty, one resident asks in a letter this week: "Is this the type of business Tenby wants, when we are trying to enhance a more upmarket resort?"

A regular visitor to the town has also expressed concern, questioning: "What is happening to Tenby?"

"My family and I are long time visitors to Tenby, but can't help noticing that over the past five or six years, the atmosphere within the town has changed dramatically and the amount of pound shops has gone up substantially," said Mr. John James, of Surrey.

"My son happened to be on the Poundland website applying for a job in a new store near us when he noticed that there is a Poundland opening in Tenby. When I looked where it will be, it is part of the development in White Lion Street, where the cinema used to be.

"Why oh why would the people of Tenby allow such a nice looking development to be spoiled by having a pound shop there? Last rumour I heard was that is was meant to be Marks & Spencer food outlet, but according to Poundland's website, they are opening there soon!

"Come on Tenby, what is happening to you? The town is looking cheaper and cheaper every time we visit."

Footnote: The colour of the former Royal Playhouse Cinema has also sparked debate this week. The newly-yellow painted frontage was being painted white on Wednesday, a move which led to a thread on Facebook group Tenby Through Time as to which colour people preferred.

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