Spread the word...as Santa and his sleigh will join the ‘Pembrokeshire Christmas Convoy’ this weekend, as the festive fundraiser - sure to put a smile on faces once again - will see a flurry of lit-up vehicles tour the locality - in and around Tenby and Saundersfoot.

The convoy is due to leave Folly Farm overflow car park at around 5.30 pm on Saturday (December 9) to give the best chance of vehicles hitting places at estimated times.

Charities to benefit this year are Firefighters Charity and Bowel Cancer UK.

Santa Christmas Convoy 2022
(Pic. Gareth Davies Photography)

A rough guide of the route provided by the organisers is as follows:

• From Folly Farm car park down to the A477 roundabout, down to Sageston roundabout, back up Gumfreston road to Tenby, down Marsh Road into Tenby, around Tenby one way past the fire station and back down Park Road.

• Out of Tenby via The Maudlins out to New Hedges, through the village, down Broadfield, continuing down St Brides hill, through Saundersfoot (estimated to be between 6.15 and 6.30 pm).

• Continue out of Saundersfoot down to St Issells church where the convoy will go up the hill and loop round through Coppett Hall and back into Saundersfoot coming past the Royal Oak. The convoy will then go back through the village and exit Saundersfoot via Sandyhill Road where it will then turn right at the main road and continue onto Pentlepoir and onwards.

• The plan for Santa’s sleigh is that it will be in the middle of the convoy and will break off from the convoy in Saundersfoot at the top of Milford Street, come down past the Kookaba and then turn onto and park on Cambrian Terrace as discussed whilst the convoy proceeds around the village. The sleigh will be parked up for around 15 to 20minutes, before rejoining the convoy when it is coming back through the village to leave with the rest of the convoy.

Santa Christmas Convoy tractor
(Pic. Gareth Davies Photography)

With regards to donations, there will be collectors stationed in the village with buckets before the convoy arrives and also for some time after the convoy has been through the village. They will go into the pubs/shops etc around the village to collect any donations from the public.

However, if any businesses in the village would like to make any larger donations then they can either donate cash at a later date or write out a cheque to Kilgetty and Begelly Tractor Run. All money will then be totalled and donated between the two charities at a later date.