Traffic lights will be installed at the ‘treacherous’ Nash Fingerpost Junction in Pembrokeshire, it has been confirmed by the Welsh Government.

Campaigners have long been calling for safety changes to the dangerous ‘black spot’ - petitioning to try and force the Senedd and the Highways Authorities to reconsider the layout of the Nash Fingerpost Junction A477 to A4075.

The horrific accident at the junction on the Pembroke Road on May 13 which resulted in the death of motorcyclist, twenty-nine-year-old Ashley Rogers of Kilgetty once again highlighted the need for urgent alterations to be made at the road between Milton and Pembroke Dock following the latest tragedy.

Senedd Member for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Samuel Kurtz, has pushed for improvements to be made, and now in an update, has shared news that Deputy Minister for Climate Change Lee Waters MS will address the need for action, stating: “In order to improve road safety as soon as possible at this junction, we are progressing with installing traffic signals.

“Traffic signals will add speed control as the speed limit will be reduced on the approach to the newly signalled junction. The intention is to commence installation of these new signals by the end of this financial year,” continued Mr Waters.

“We have already laid new road markings highlighting ARAF/SLOW and improvements to the junction signage will follow shortly. The banning of U-turns is another measure which will help with road safety and removes one type of recorded dangerous manoeuvre at the junction.

“This will follow in due course when necessary legislative processes have been completed. These measures we are able to action now while we progress the traffic signalisation solution,” he added.

Sam Kurtz
Mr Kurtz has long raised the danger of the junction at the Senedd (Pic supplied)

Mr Kurtz has welcomed the move, stating: “After years of denial by the Welsh Government regarding a serious safety issue at the Nash Fingerpost junction, I am pleased to see them finally recognising the legitimate concerns of the local community and the severity of the junction's layout.

“While many of us in the local area would have preferred to see a roundabout installed, as is the case in other locations along the A477, I sincerely hope that the installation of traffic lights will lead to a reduction in the number of casualties and fatalities at this junction.

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who pressured the Welsh Government into taking action by signing the petition set up in memory of Ashley Thomas Rogers. Having raised this issue in the Senedd multiple times and speaking on behalf of the community, I am pleased that together we have made progress.” he added.