After the success of last year’s fundraising gunge fest, where almost £1,500 was raised, the same motley crew is back to raise money for this years BBC Children in Need.

Several organisations active within communities across Pembrokeshire are putting forward key personnel to participate in another charity gunging!

All those who participated and endured the barrels of gunge last year are back for 2023, led by Haverfordwest-based Celtic Timber and the broadband firm Ogi. Despite the event’s surreal nature, all involved are bonded by the serious facts around raising funds and awareness of what the money donated could do for younger residents across Pembrokeshire during this cost of living crisis.

Jon Howcroft from Celtic Timber said:

“Having already supported funds being raised for charities including the DPJ Foundation at last years County Show, we were keen to continue to look at opportunities to continue to promote those groups and organisations who can benefit from funds generated by Children in Need. We are lucky to have positive links with partners and individuals engaged in our communities, and when we approached the individuals involved last year, they were all still keen to participate surprisingly!”

Haverfordwest County Football Club are hosting this year’s Gungeathon at the Ogi Bridge Meadow Stadium on Friday, November 17, from 1pm to 3pm, with Tony Pennock from the club again getting stuck in. Perhaps this could be because, following his gunging last year, he has been teased that the run of winning form for the club dramatically increased!

Martin Jones from Ogi is one of the participants who is keen to engage and support this fundraiser. He said:

“With a strong community focus that Ogi and the team already do here in Pembrokeshire, I was more than happy to get involved once again. Although last year was very cold and wet, it was still great fun and exhilarating, as we all knew that by doing something like this, whilst fun and stupid, it is all to raise awareness and funds for a great cause.”

Iwan Thomas who, as the others involved mock, wears a number of community organisation leadership hats, from PLANED to Pembrokeshire College amongst others in the county, is still happy to support. He added:

“Doing the work I’m able to do with the amazing organisations I’m involved in, is a genuine privilege. By getting involved again in this fundraiser means we can, by stepping outside of our daily comfort zones, do something which raises funds for those who have the real need for this support, and provide additional benefits in some small ways, to their daily challenges. Working alongside this great crew of people is also a bonus, as we know the aim is to improve lives in West Wales. Our own discomfort and embarrassment potentially is meaningless, when you know what the main aim is, for those who need those projects and services to be funded.”

With other participants soon to be announced as well within the mass gunging, the event will be live streamed through the continued support of Pure West Radio, whose own Breakfast DJ, Tom Dyer also got gunged last year – although it was not planned as he was there primarily to simply interview the fundraisers. So this year, we understand Tom is coming prepared!

For those who wish to donate, go to the Just Giving website, and search for Celtic Timber and “The Great Gungefest V2 for Children in Need” and kindly donate whatever you can.