Bah humbug - vandals that have damaged some of Tenby’s festive decorations have been slammed, with Father Christmas prompted not to visit these ‘idiots’ this year by one of the seaside town’s councillors.

Overnight, Sunday into Monday, a spate of vandalism was discovered around the seaside town, including deliberate damage to some of the Christmas trees put up by Tenby Town Council around St Mary’s Church on High Street; as well as glass being smashed in bus shelters on Park Road near to the multi-storey car park.

“Both incidents have been reported to police who are investigating,” county councillor for the town’s south ward Cllr Sam Skyrme-Blackhall shared on Facebook.

“I am really annoyed at this. What possesses people? At this time of year with the wet and cold, some people really need the shelters as they wait for a bus.

“How would these vandals feel if it were their elderly relative getting wet because of them...or do they just not care?” she continued.

Father Christmas visits Tenby
Father Christmas has been urged not to visit the 'idiot' vandals (Pic. Gareth Davies Photography)

“As for the Christmas Trees, I just think it is petty and mindless. We are trying to make the town look nice and these idiots think it is fun to cause damage. I hope Santa decides not to visit them this year!”

“Police are advising that if they witness any suspicious behaviour please contact and report to 101,” she added.