Thursday 9th August 2012 10:00 pm

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On Sunday, the choir opened the morning service with 'Lord increase our faith today'. Liz welcomed Rev. Nanette Lewis-Head, and visitors from Cheshire, Pontypridd, Surrey and Germany.

Nanette welcomed the children and said she had square eyes, cheered, had tears of joy, hadn't moved a muscle, but was worn out! Olympics! The early church, she said, must have had the same feelings enjoying God. Her grandson had watched the bike riders go up Box Hill nine times. Olympics give us a taste of what it is like to work together.

The congregation read together Psalm 46 Judy read from Ephesians 4, v 1-16, Unity in the body of Christ.

This, Nanette said, was a letter Paul wrote when he was in prison to give glory to God and stay together to encourage one another. People were demanding greater signs, and even today we ask for signs. We are called to bear witness to a loving God, and for us, to be whole through the power of love.

We must demand progress for the church to keep growing. Once we stagnate we are no longer followers. Christ is always calling us on to walk wisely. We are pilgrims, we go out from the congregation to families, to work and into the community. We gather on Sunday to encourage one another. It is hard to build a community in today's individualism. The story of our faith is a community pulling together.

The work of God's people is more important than ever. The Olympic 204 petals coming together to form one torch - each of us must join together to form one community. Encourage each other to bear witness. God focuses immeasurable love on us. We are surrounded by many outside forces, but what a force the church can have! God's love is offered to each of us, for us to receive that love and to know God's Grace.

Everybody joined in celebrating communion. Nanette said our family goes out in prayer and action to walk alongside others in their need. The Grace was said, and the choir concluded the service with 'God be with you till we meet again'.

Notices: Tomorrow (Saturday), members will gather for afternoon tea to celebrate the birthdays of eight people who were born in 1942.

On Sunday, the 11 am service will be led by Rev. Alan Jenklns. All are welcome in the Large Hall.

On Wednesday, our usual Wednesday xoffee morning is held between 10 am and 12 midday, with hot Welsh cakes for sale too. The choir meet for practice on Wednesday nights at 6.15 pm.

We also welcome Rev. Chris Tolley and his wife Suzzane to Tenby.

For further information, please visit our website at or telephone Graham on 01646 672534.

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