The spectacular Pembrokeshire coastline is the site of many migrations during the year and this weekend, July 6 and 7, South Beach, Tenby, is the venue for a particularly colourful bunch of annual visitors to turn up.

It's the Tenby Beach Volleyball tournament with a couple of hundred players and families arriving for the biggest two-day volleyball event in Wales.

Eleven years ago the first tournament was played on Castle Beach with the local club being joined by teams such as the rugby club, firemen and Mike Evans' deck-chair lads. In the final, a Dragon Divers team just lost to a regular team from Cardiff in the fours, while an experienced team from Luton won the pairs. The Luton club has been at every Tenby tournament since then.

From those early days, the number of teams has grown rapidly and now the local club are unable to play themselves as they are all flat out organising the event which now needs 20 courts. The standard of play is varied with fun mixed teams right up to top standard doubles play where fitness and skills are of the highest order.

All the finals will be on Sunday afternoon on the main courts near the Fountains Cafe from 2 pm onwards, if spectators would like to view some of the top games.