A ‘clean seas’ campaign group has once again issued warnings to the members of the public over storm sewage discharges affecting beaches across Pembrokeshire.

Over the past 48 hours, Surfers Against Sewage has highlighted areas along the county’s coastline where alerts have been issued for discharge from sewer overflows - including Tenby’s South and Castle beaches, Saundersfoot, Manorbier, Barafundle, Nolton Haven, Little Haven, Broadhaven, Dale and West Angle.

Caldey boats
Castle Beach. (Observer pic)

Local councillors continue to highlight sewage and pollution concerns in the community, with the spotlight put on Tenby and its surrounding area once again, when at the most recent meeting of Tenby Town Council, Cllr Duncan Whitehurst reported to his fellow members that he had attended a meeting recently with Dŵr Cymru and National Resources Wales on such matters.

“It had been an interesting meeting as research done had found certain assets in Saundersfoot, Manorbier and Tenby were behaving rather badly,” said Cllr Whitehurst.

“There are four pumping stations in Saundersfoot which are really struggling and every time it rains, they go to overflow, which means there is the potential to affect us. The same for the one in Manorbier.

Cllr Whitehurst also pointed to a pumping station at Tenby's Oakridge Acres estate, that few people knew about, which was also overflowing on a regular basis.

Tenby's South Beach
Tenby's South Beach (Observer pic)

“The worry is that they are not certain where it goes but the suspicion is into the marshes,” he continued.

“Dŵr Cymru accept they are in breach of their permits in relation to these and are planning investment and ways of improving the situation.

“The Ritec culvert collapsed but the cause is unknown. It could possibly be wear and tear as it’s about 150 years old,” explained Cllr Whitehurst, who said that remedial work had been completed but the results of the investigation were not yet known.

“There is a small treatment works in St Florence with wastewater emptying directly into The Ritec.

Saundersfoot beach
Saundersfoot beach (Observer pic)

“There have been instances of it tipping sewage when water levels are low. It should not have been doing it and this is also currently under investigation.

“It’s no surprise then that there have been random spikes of bacteria. However, the good news is that Dŵr Cymru are aware and are making investment to resolve the problems,” he added.

Dŵr Cymru have now invited councillors to visit the sewage works at Gumfreston on May 15 for further discussions.