Welsh Water has apologised for disruption caused to businesses and households in the centre of Tenby yesterday, after properties were left without water for several hours, due to a burst main.

Properties within the Walled Town were affected mainly, with the junction by High Street/White Lion Street - the main route into the town centre - having to be closed to traffic for several hours before 5 pm - whilst Welsh Water/Dwr Cymru crews were onsite repairing a burst main.

The fact that six fire crews also arrived to attend a fire at the Royal Lion Hotel a little further up the street shortly after 5 pm, no doubt made the work more difficult for maintenance workers. Firefighters also had to tend to a property due to the leak causing a basement to flood.

Tankers had to be deployed to get water back on whilst repairs were undertaken.

Most properties were reconnected by late evening, and others by the following day, although some homes seemingly went 14 hours without water!

A spokesperson for Welsh Water stated: “We would like to thank everyone for bearing with us.”

County councillor for Tenby’s North Ward, Cllr Michael Williams praised the repair crews, commenting: “The boys on the ground did an excellent job, but getting action via their complaint system is not easy!”

Manhole Merlins Gardens
Merlin's Gardens, where a manhole was overflowing, sending a large amount of water towards Rectory Court and St. John's Hill. (Cllr Duncan Whitehurst)

However, an issue with an ongoing leak at an estate in Tenby throughout January, has seen Welsh Water come in for criticism from local councillors.

Tenby Town Councillor Duncan Whithurst who lives nearby to The Glebe/Merlins Gardens where the issue had arisen, stated on social media: “This is small stuff compared to the River Ritec flooding at the Clicketts, Salterns and Kiln Park but of some concern to residents in Merlin's Gardens, where a manhole was overflowing, sending a large amount of water towards Rectory Court and St. John's Hill.

“Additionally, a blocked street drain near the Evergreen Inn resulted in water backing up and threatening to flood nearby houses.

Despite Welsh Water being informed and attending the scene, the issue continued for several days later.

“If you have a water leak, blocked drain or an overflowing manhole - that isn't on the road - it can be reported to Welsh Water here: https://contact.dwrcymru.com/en/report-an-issue,” continued Cllr Whithurst.

“If you have a blocked drain on the road, that's the responsibility of Pembrokeshire County Council Highways Dept which can be contacted via the County Hall switchboard on 01437 764551.”

Cllr Williams added: “The situation in The Glebe, was ridiculous, a leak left for several days resulting in one lady having a nasty fall on the frozen surface!

“They pay executives massive salaries, which challenges their claim of ‘For Wales, not for profit’.

“Someone does very well out of Welsh Water when the consumer suffers high changes and polluted beaches. I don’t believe in nationalisation, but there is a strong case for taking such a critical public service in to public ownership, as currently they answer to nobody,” he added.