Welsh Conservatives are bringing forward a Senedd motion to scrap the 20mph speed limit across the country.

The party has stated that, across Wales, Labour’s ‘anti-motorist agenda and lacklustre transport policies’ are not fit for purpose and are ‘holding Wales back’.

In the Senedd on Wednesday (April 17) the Welsh Conservatives are bringing forward a Senedd motion regarding what they call ‘Labour’s failed transport policies’, and will call on the Labour Government to scrap their road building ban, and scrap 20mph speed limits.

The Welsh Government’s 20mph rollout began back in September, with many 30mph speed limits reduced to 20mph, in accordance with new legislation.

Welsh Government stated that it made the changes to ‘help save lives and protect our communities’ - with the aim to: reduce the number of collisions and severe injuries; encourage more people to walk and cycle in our communities; and make our streets safer.

Commenting ahead of the debate, Welsh Conservative Shadow Transport Minister, Natasha Asghar MS, said: “Labour Ministers in Cardiff Bay continue to push their anti-motorist agenda, with drivers being forced out of their vehicles through Labour Government policy.

“The people of Wales want to get on with their daily lives, yet Labour’s lack of investment in public transport, road building ban, and 20mph speed limits are preventing them from doing exactly this.

“In the Senedd, we’ll be calling on the Welsh Labour Government to end their war on motorists, scrap their road building ban and 20mph speed limits, and to get Wales moving again,” she added.

The motion which will be debated on Wednesday states that the transport policies for Wales are ‘not fit for purpose’, and calls on the Welsh Government to urgently:

• undertake a review of the current road building tests with a view to implementing all previously scrapped schemes that will boost economic growth or enhance road safety;

• reverse the Restricted Roads (20mph Speed Limit) (Wales) Order 2022 and adopt a targeted approach to 20mph speed limits in Wales; and

• invest in public transport to make buses and trains more competitive with travelling by car.