A call for an independent public inquiry into the ongoing situation at the Withyhedge landfill site in Pembrokeshire has been made by local Senedd Member Paul Davies.

Mr Davies, Welsh Conservative Senedd Member for Preseli Pembrokeshire, made the call in the Senedd Chamber, whilst asking the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs just how bad the situation had to get before the local community could receive some support from the Welsh Government.

Resource Management Ltd (RML), which operates the Withyhedge site has already been issued several Enforcement Notices by Natural Resources Wales and yet local residents are still living with potentially toxic odours and emissions.

Mr Davies said: “Week after week I have stood up in the Senedd Chamber and asked for the Welsh Government to intervene to support the local community.

“People have complained of coughs, nausea and swollen eyes and yet despite the sympathetic words of Government Cabinet Secretaries, there has been no support forthcoming.”

“The people of Pembrokeshire deserve better and so I’m calling for an independent public inquiry to fully understand why this situation has been so poorly handled and why my constituents have been so badly let down.”