Council maintenance staff have been thanked by a seaside county councillor after tackling hedgerows protruding onto public walkways.

County councillor for Saundersfoot’s south ward Cllr Chris Williams said that recently he had received numerous calls regarding the hedgerows protruding into the narrow lanes and roads around the village.

“I also visited a resident who showed me that access was limited on the Strand due to overgrowth. I’m pleased to report that Pembrokeshire County Council came out immediately and cut the greenery back, so the pavement on the Strand could be accessed,” he explained.

“Since then the lanes down from Westfield Road and other parts of concern around the village have all been attended to. If something has been missed then please let me know.

“I also had reports of a large branch blocking the old incline walkway up from the bottom of Westfield Road.

“I informed the National Park ranger who came out the next day to remove the branch and cut back the sides to vastly improve access for all users,” he added.