Saundersfoot could be used as a trial area to look at all holiday rented properties with a view to ensuring that waste trade agreements are in place and better practices put in place, after certain accommodation let providers were slammed by a county councillor for repeated non-compliance over rubbish and recycling disposal, which has led to persistent fly-tipping in the seaside village.

County councillor for Saundersfoot’s south ward, meeting this month with Pembrokeshire County Council’s Head of Infrastructure and Environment, Darren Thomas, Sarah Edwards of Environmental Services, and Cabinet Member for Residents Services, Cllr Rhys Sinnett to discuss and highlight the challenges faced by such issues at the village.

“Over the years, Saundersfoot’s charm has faced persistent challenges due to the bin and fly tipping issues, particularly in recent years. Although the situation has improved this year, it’s important to address it continually to maintain our village’s attraction,” said Cllr Williams.

“I have approached the Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire County Council, Will Bramble to address the waste problems we encounter regularly, notably black bags that are indiscriminately dumped outside PCC bins.

“These mostly appear under the cover of darkness or early morning, and when torn by the gulls, litter our streets. This issue not only affects the village’s appearance but also burdens the PCC street cleaning team, adding considerable costs for us, the local tax payer.

“I commend the efforts of many professional holiday units in our area, but there is an urgent need to address those that fall short of responsible practices.

“Specifically, certain properties have exhibited repetitive noncompliance with waste and recycling disposal.

As a representative for the community, Cllr Williams said he felt it was his duty to address these repeated offences and communicate with letting agents about their responsibilities. However, he emphasised an incident he encountered recently, where an elderly gentleman visiting Saundersfoot for the first time was caught unintentionally fly-tipping.

“After speaking with him, it became clear that he was misinformed by a holiday owner/company’s instructions,” continued Cllr Williams.

“Such misleading practices by property owners and letting companies are unacceptable and contribute significantly to our challenges. During the last two months I have worked closely with two local companies which have been exemplary, so the challenge is to get the other companies on board.

“Businesses such as Hean Castle Estate and others in the locality, exemplify best practices for waste management and provide excellent accommodation. Many holiday lets and companies could benefit from adopting similar practices.”

To date, 15 properties that have been reported, over half have now signed up to a trade waste agreement, explained Cllr Williams, who has also called the main holiday companies locally, along with trade waste operators, to all work on a plan together in making sure all owners are made aware of their responsibility to recycle as much as possible and keep waste to a minimum.

“What is disappointing is the amount of properties who let out and don’t have sufficient storage to provide any separate wastes apart from black bags,” he remarked.

“Personally every property should provide the necessary details and storage for their waste. If they can’t do this, then the companies need to arrange daily trade waste pickups or simply instruct the property that unless they comply then they can’t take on the property.

“In conclusion, the collective efforts of residents identifying problem properties has been invaluable in our mission to keep Saundersfoot’s streets clean.

“I’d also like to extend my gratitude to the PCC waste collection and street cleansing team, who consistently do an outstanding job. It’s my sincere hope they receive the support and recognition they deserve.”

Giving another example of people being irresponsible, Cllr Williams said that he had received numerous calls from residents on Sandy Hill Road regarding a converted Chapel and the waste spilling into the streets.

“Unfortunately there is a black wheelie bin alongside the pavement and individuals have been disposing of their waste here while passing. This has happened numerous times and the bins have all been ripped open as they have been left either on top or the side of the wheelie bin,” he explained.

“With the constant abuse which heightens during the summer season, I had a meeting on how we can improve and deter fly-tipping in the future here.

“The wheelie bin will now be moved to another area, away from the pavement and a small fence will hide the bin from view. I do hope this will make a difference for the local residents living at the Chapel flats,” he added.