Responses to suggestions that drivers picking up from a Pembrokeshire primary school should switch-off their engines, have been ‘very supportive’ according to a county councillor for Saundersfoot.

Cllr Chris Williams, county councillor for Saundersfoot’s south ward recently highlighted the fact that motorists were leaving their vehicles running outside the seaside village’s school whilst picking up their children or grandchildren.

“The responses to this have been very supportive with many suggesting that drivers should switch off their engines,” said Cllr Williams.

“I have been in contact with Pembrokeshire County Council and attended a meeting with Nathan Miles who is a licencing officer who protects the local surroundings from noise and air pollution.

“We were in agreement and emphasized the need to educate parents outside the school gates.

“A similar scheme has been introduced at Neyland Primary School where they have used this as part of their curriculum where the school has ‘enviro ambassadors’.

“They wear yellow tabards and the children speak to any parents that leave their engine running. This is in the infancy stages but with support from all parties this could possibly be classed, to have a designated Air Quality management programme to highlight concerns raised.

“A monitor could be placed in the vicinity that would check the air quality. This is something that was discussed in the meeting.”

Cllr Williams said that he would now like Saundersfoot School and PCC to engage on how they can work together to improve air quality around the facility.

“I will go back to the school to look at ways of developing this further,” he continued.

“PCC would also support signage, which they have done at Neyland.

“This would be great to roll out across our county schools as the health benefits are quite clear.”