Sunday saw the long awaited visit to Tenby of the Salvation Army band and vocal group, Salvation Song, from Morriston.

The morning meeting was led by Majors Neville and Yvonne Andrews from Morriston and they took as their theme The Name of Jesus.

This involved the children present being told the meanings of their names and everyone being reminded that the name Jesus means ‘The Lord is Salvation’.

Major Neville spoke of the healing in the name of Jesus of a beggar by disciples Peter and John. The disciples then had to go to court to explain their actions and again said that the healing was through the name of Jesus.

He reminded the congregation that if we know Jesus he gives us authority to work and speak for him, he will meet our needs if we accept him and that everyone will be amazed at what he can do.

Following the meeting the band played music outside the hall. In the afternoon the garden of St Marys Church was the venue for music and singing by the visitors.

Many people sat in the glorious sunshine to listen and enjoyed a mixture of sacred and secular music; something for everyone.

The Tenby Salvation Army band will be playing music at Riverside, Haverfordwest on Saturday, August 10 from 10.30 am and will be pleased to play any hymn tunes requested.