Roadway issues were once again raised by members of East Williamston Community Council at their most recent meeting.

It was raised once again that the potholes in East Williamston had not been filled, with councillors requesting that Pembrokeshire County Council be asked why this action hadn’t been undertaken.

The speed sign at Hillrise was currently not working; and the sign from East Williamston was going to Templebar Road shortly and the one from Cold Inn to Broadmoor also, so it was proposed that the community council purchase three posts for speed signs for future use to save on delivery charges. A rota will need to be drawn up as to where and when they will be relocated.

It was observed that the existing traffic lights at Broadmoor had been removed to be upgraded and the crossing islands are being reinstated.

It was reported that he Broadmoor village sign was down by Clayford Road end, and PCC had been notified.

Street lights not working in the locality had also been reported to the local authority.

Discussing Muddy Lane, it was noted that there were white lines located here at some point in the past and PCC have agreed to locate a ‘Give Way’ sign at this location.

County councillor for the ward Clr. Jacob Williams provided the following update to members: the planned follow-up roadworks to improve the layout and surface in the location of the new mini-roundabouts in Pentlepoir had unfortunately been delayed by the recent storms, with the new start date not yet known.

In a follow-up to two matters brought up at a previous meeting, the material which had been dumped on the former school site in Pentlepoir had now been removed, and the two missing manhole covers at the same site had also been replaced.