Richard Williams’ latest work of fiction takes place in a Covid-stricken west Wales, where young local fisherman Scott Ellis tries to work out how to survive.

Last Resort by Richard Williams

Scott creates the Flutter Club casino in an attempt to capitalise on the increasing numbers of visitors, but his plans are ruined after the mysterious disappearance of a tourist at Wibli Wobli Bay. It’s up to Scott and his companion, Angie, to solve the case of the missing tourist and finally open the doors of the Flutter Club.This unique story of love, mystery and change in rural Wales is guaranteed to keep readers on their toes.

This book is published by Graffeg as a part of the Quick Reads scheme. One of the main aims of the Quick Reads scheme is to encourage readers who are less confident in their reading abilities to pick up a short, fast-paced book that they can buy for just a £1 – a small investment with a big reward. The initiative is coordinated in Wales by the Books Council of Wales and supported by Welsh Government.

Richard Williams, who was raised on a farm in North Pembrokeshire, said: “Given the timing of the book, which I began to write just after the Covid lockdowns, I wanted to write about the impact of the pandemic on young people in west Wales.

“The story hopefully illustrates the spirit of the people of the area – how maritime folk are inherently entrepreneurial to conquer adversity, while always having some fun along the way."