A planning application to set up a five megawatt, 20,000 panel solar array at Liddeston Ridge is about to be submitted to Pembrokeshire County Council by Milford Haven Port. The proposal is the latest step in the company's renewable energy strategy, which has already seen 2,500 panels installed earlier this year across a number of port buildings in Milford Marina and Pembroke Port.

The proposed development would produce enough energy to power around 1,000 homes and save 1,500 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Speaking about the development, Milford Haven Port's energy development manager Tim James said: "We carried out feasibility studies of all types of renewable energy options on the land. A wind energy development was also considered, but we chose a photovoltaic array to minimise environmental impacts.

"We also know that Pembrokeshire is one of the best places in the UK to install solar panels; monitoring of the existing arrays over the past nine months show 24 per cent greater production than expected - despite the wettest summer in 100 years," he continues".

Woodland and hedgerows will be used to further shield the proposed development, which already has a grid connection point within the site. The array would be located on improved grassland and, as well as generating energy, presents an opportunity to improve the biodiversity of the fields around it.

"We want to focus on developments that not only work well in terms of production, but also leave a benchmark legacy in best practice for others to follow, as interest in similar scaled developments across the county increase," explained Tim.

Public consultation events are taking place at Suite 4A, Cedar Court (behind Tesco, near the library) on September 20 and October 4.

For further information contact Tim James at [email protected]">[email protected] or 01646 696 100.