The poor state of a road surface at an area facilitating services for Kilgetty has been raised by local county councillors.

Whilst it wasn't with the confines of East Williamston, County councillor for the ward Cllr Jacob Williams reported to the Community Council recently that, in communication with other county councillors in the area, he had raised the issue with Pembrokeshire County Council’s highways officers of the very poor state of the road surface on the approach to the Kilgetty doctors' surgery.

The road also services the bus station, toilet block, the vet and the Kilgetty/Begelly community hall.

Given the number of facilities this road serves, and the usership across a wider area than just the Kilgetty and Begelly community in which it is located, Cllr Williams was pleased to report that an on-site meeting has been arranged to consider the matter.

The condition has been very poor for many years, and he explained that one of the reasons PCC had not acted to date was due to some rather unusual circumstances about this whole section of road, none of which is classified as adopted highway.

Whilst it is located near common land, the roadway, including the one-way system from the A477 trunk road’s roundabout, is believed to be privately-owned by the Co-Operative group.

Parts of the surface are now in such a poor condition, including near its junction with Carmarthen Road, that Cllr Williams expressed his view that he would support PCC undertaking repairs and bearing the costs, on the basis that it is a well-used public facility which has effectively been abandoned, or at the very least, not maintained to an acceptable standard by its owner.

The ward member is Cllr Alistair Cameron, with whom Cllr Williams has discussed the potential for PCC in its capacity as highways authority, to adopt the road, or part of it, as an official highway.

Cllr Cameron told Kilgetty/Begelly Community Council last month: “Cllr Williams has raised concerns about the poor condition of this private road and the parking area by the community centre which is owned by the Co-op.

“There will be a meeting between him, myself, Councillor Alec Cormack, and Councillor Rhys Sinnett (relevant Cabinet Member) together with council officers to see if we can find a way forward.

“If we are able to take this forward, we will need to involve the Community Association, Community Council, and the Co-op.

“Although the County Council does not own this land, it is an area of great importance to the local community with the community centre, public conveniences, bus and coach stop, surgery etc so it is in all of our interests for it to be safe and properly looked after,” he added.