Is the Welsh Government right to spend £120m on 36 new Senedd Members? Is this a good use of public money? 

During the Welsh Affairs Committee last Wednesday, MP Stephen Crabb asked First Minister Mark Drakeford about the Welsh Government’s Senedd expansion plans. “Not only are they costly,” he said,  “but they will change the way that Senedd Members represent people in Wales.” 

Under the plans, the individual Senedd Members representing single constituencies will be replaced by a group of six regional representatives elected from party lists. 

“People in Wales will no longer be able to vote for the person. Multiple Members will be claiming to represent the same area. I don’t think this will be good for democracy in Wales”, added Mr Crabb.   

The MP told Mark Drakeford that he thought the plans would be a “recipe for fuzziness and confusion. A recipe for less accountability and scrutiny, and will not lead to a more effective Senedd.”

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