Welsh Labour leadership contender Jeremy Miles has revealed details of what he would do in his first week as First Minister of Wales.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Miles pointed to a gender balanced government, focused on delivery of public services, while providing new leadership in the Welsh economy and health.

“If I am elected Welsh Labour leader and First Minister in 2024, here are 5 things I will do in my first week as FM:

  1. Appoint a government where at least half of all ministers are women.
  2. Kick start the setting up of a new Delivery Unit in the Welsh Government -  we will look at everything we do with an absolutely relentless focus on practical delivery.
  3. Get the review of 20 mph underway, it will be 6 months from introduction, so as I said on day one of my campaign - there’s no need to delay.
  4. Initiate fresh discussions with patients, health bodies and health unions about how we help the NHS adapt to respond to current and future pressures.
  5. Direct the establishment of a new National Economic Council to advise the government on strategic policies to deliver sustainable economic prosperity and solidarity.

“I will be announcing policy priorities in the coming weeks. Today’s 5 actions point to kind of government I want to lead - reflecting our communities, focused on the economy, relentless in protecting and improving public services, and open to scrutiny.

“Let’s get on with it!"

Miles, who won the support of a majority of Labour Members of the Senedd (MSs) to join the ballot and has been endorsed by a clear majority of Welsh Labour council leaders and deputy leaders, is expected to roll out his policy agenda in the coming weeks.

On 20mph roads review, Miles said it was right the default 20mph speed limit in Wales's built-up areas was being reviewed - but committed to it in principle: “I think there's a case for bringing forward that review, making sure that councils have the guidance they need to make the discretions they already have within a national framework. “I think the policy's the right policy but I think we need to review it and to bring forward the point at which that (review) happens."

Tuesday’s announcement hints at the open, collaborative and thoughtful style of government which the Neath MS hopes to lead.

Commenting further on the first week of a Jeremy Miles-led Welsh Government, Jeremy Miles MS said:

“This must be the year that we get rid of the UK Tory Government. Their incompetence, austerity and economic mismanagement have constrained Welsh Government budgets meaning real world hardship for people and the services they rely on.

“However, none of that takes away from the absolute need of the next First Minister and Welsh Government to focus on the delivery of good, reliable public services for the people of Wales. That means having a government that reflects our communities, is relentless in protecting and improving public services, and is open to scrutiny and constructive criticism.”