Plans to reform the school holidays in Wales have been met with concern by local Senedd Member Paul Davies MS. The

Welsh Government plans could see school summer holidays cut by a week and the week-long October half term break extended to a fortnight.

Mr Davies said:

“Adjusting the school calendar in Wales is a huge task and it’s crucial that there is a full and frank discussion about these plans.

“Should the school calendar change, it would have an impact on children and young people, parents, teachers and businesses. Indeed, moves to shorten the school summer holidays will have an enormous impact on tourism businesses who are understandably worried that they will not be able to recoup the money lost from a shorter summer break.”

He added, “The Welsh Government has launched a consultation on these reforms and it’s important that as many people as possible feed into that consultation and make their views known.”

You can read through the Welsh Government’s plans and have your say at

Comments need to be submitted by February 12, 2024.