Britain has seen a strike wave primarily aimed at the effects of the cost of living crisis…

Postal Workers, BT Engineers, Railway Workers, Bus Workers, Oil Refinery Workers, Teachers, University Lecturers, Civil Servants, Health Workers and even Amazon Workers have struck with anger and increasing confidence.

A public meeting hosted by West Wales Socialist Workers Party will take place in Pembroke Dock on Wednesday evening. Join them to debate questions such as:

“Strikes are popular amongst a working class desperate for real change. When workers come together in solidarity you can see the potential of their enormous power to change society in more ways than simply a much-needed pay rise.”

“How far can this power go? Is class struggle a real alternative to the go nowhere politics of parliament?”

“Can strikes bring down the corrupt Tories? How can workers unite in mass strikes? Can workers organise independently of the trade union bureaucracy?”

“Can workers be won to fighting against racism, misogyny, homophobia and trans phobia?”

“Can workers stop climate catastrophe? Can workers smash capitalism?”

“What sort of organisation do we need to lead workers towards a successful revolutionary outcome?”

Come and join the discussion on Wednesday, April, 26, 7.30pm at the Pater Hall, Lewis Street, Pembroke Dock SA72 6AR. The speaker is Alice Greenlees.