Narberth’s Deputy Mayor has called the situation on Back Lane ‘scandalous.’

The issue originally came up at a Town Council meeting in October, where members said that people from nearby flats had taken their rubbish and left it in the road.

During a Town Council meeting that was held on Tuesday, the issue was once again brought up when town clerk Caroline Coaker told members that she had received two emails about food waste being dumped in the road.

Clr. Lorraine Lloyd said that people are now leaving food waste in boxes.

Deputy Mayor, Clr. Sue Rees added that the archway was being blocked with boxes and that meant the road was not drivable.

She mentioned that the situation was scandalous and if it was the High Street something would have been done about it.

The Deputy Mayor went on to tell members that people shouldn’t be filling the archway with rubbish and it was Pembrokeshire County Council’s job to make sure rubbish was collected.

Clr. Rees also said that a constituent could no longer park his car at his house, meaning that he now has to pay £2 a day to park in the main car park.

When asked for his thoughts, County Councillor Vic Dennis, PCC’s member for Narberth, said that he hadn’t noticed or heard anything since halloween when pumpkins were left in the road.

He also said the situation “sounded exceptional.”

The issue was adjourned for the next Town Council meeting.